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HiFi-Tuning - HIFI Tuning Fuses - Supreme Large Fast

HIFI Tuning

  • $ 6500

HiFi-Tuning HIFI Tuning Fuses Supreme Large Fast

HiFi Tuning Supreme Fuses are truly special and offer quality of sound which far exceeds any fuse available on the market. Made from Mundorf’s proprietary blend of ultra-pure silver and gold, Supreme fuses deliver outstanding speed, jaw-dropping resolution and a gorgeously smooth tonal balance. Treat your gear to the best, HiFi Tuning Supreme Fuses.

HiFi Tuning has long been a fan of Germany’s legendary Mundorf capacitors. Revered in audiophile circles for creating gorgeous sounding no-compromise capacitors which grace some of the world’s best electronic designs, Mundorf capacitors are built using a special conductive material.

Ultra-pure silver is impregnated with gold creating a material with gobs of resolution and golden warmth; glorious tonal color with truly outstanding dynamic shading, essentially the best of both gold and silver and absolutely no compromise. Each Supreme fuse uses this special material for its end-caps and conductive filament and pure silver solder connects everything. Inside the ceramic casing, Supreme fuses further distinguish themselves by receiving proprietary resonance and quantum treatments.

Can a fuse really make a difference? Are Supreme fuses worth it? One listen will erase all doubt!

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