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IsoAcoustics - Iso-Pucks Mini (Set of 8)


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IsoAcoustics Iso-Pucks Mini (Set of 8)

Hear More Precise Imaging, Enhanced Clarity, Truer Color, and Deeper Inner Detail: IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck Mini Decoupling Devices Improve the Performance of Lightweight Speakers and Monitors

The smaller sibling of the proven and tested Iso-Puck decoupling device, IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck Mini is made specifically to counteract the movements created by lighter speakers and monitors. When placed under the speaker cabinet, Iso-Puck Mini helps resist the lateral motions and oscillations caused by the movement of the drivers.

These small, compact isolation devices pay huge dividends in the form of clearer, more dynamic sound, improved inner detail, truer color, and more precise imaging. Even placement on the most solid surfaces greatly benefit since the internal reflections coming back up from the supporting surface are attenuated to eliminate smear and provide enhanced clarity and openness.

Featuring multi-part construction that dissipates vibrational energy and decouples your speakers from support surfaces, Iso-Puck Mini can be used in multiples to accommodate different (and heavier) masses. The suction-cup-like form factor means it securely attaches to speakers and allows the upper isolator live with the speaker, while their round shape makes placement a breeze. Plus, all the dissipated energy gets managed within the core of Iso-Puck Mini's isolators, which are carefully tuned to provide superior isolation and control while remaining on-axis.

Each Iso-Puck supports up to six pounds. Sold in sets of eight!

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