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The Rolling Stones - Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016 180g Vinyl 20LP Box Set

Universal Records

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The Rolling Stones Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016 180g Vinyl 20LP Box Set

Numbered Limited Edition 180g Vinyl 20LP Box Set!

Contains Every Rolling Stones Studio Album From 1971 Onwards - 15 Albums!

Sourced From Original Master Tapes! Remastered & Cut at Half-Speed at Abbey Road Studios!

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Every Studio Album the Rolling Stones Released Between 1971 and 2016, All Half-Speed Mastered at Abbey Road Studios: Get Your Rocks Off with Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016 Box Set

The Rolling Stones' unmatched legacy is now complete in stunning-sounding analog. Picking up where The Rolling Stones in Mono vinyl box set left off, The Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016 exhaustively documents the band's post-ABKCO Records work – starting with the loose, legendary Sticky Fingers and continuing all the way through 2016's back-to-roots Blue & Lonesome. Every single note is half-speed mastered at Abbey Road Studios by acclaimed engineer Miles Showell and his team.

The packaging on every title represents an exact, faithful reproduction of the original art and inserts – down to Andy Warhol's working zipper cover for Sticky Fingers and the poster in Emotional Rescue. This is a set no music lover should be without.

Whenever the Rolling Stones do anything, they do it with quality and gravitas. Having defined rock n' roll in the 60s, the band entered its imperial phase in 1971 with Sticky Fingers. What followed is a run of albums that couldn't have happened at any other time or by any other band: The decadent excess of Exile on Main St, the Jamaican voodoo swamp of Goats Head Soup, the disco and punk-infused prowl of Some Girls. With each new decade, the Stones evolved while staying true to their roots, coming full circle in 2016 with Blue & Lonesome, a love letter to their first inspiration: the blues.

The Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016 presents this monumental era in rock history in a highly bespoke, lenticular mounted, box set housing the 15 studio albums from Sticky Fingers through to Blue & Lonesome in faithful and intricate original packaging replications. Every album has been lovingly remastered and cut at revelatory half-speed at Abbey Road Studios from vinyl-specific original tape transfers designed to get the very best possibly sound from the format. Each album is also pressed on heavyweight 180-gram black vinyl and includes a download card for HD digital redemption of the catalog and a numbered certificate of authentication. 

It goes without saying that these are among the highest-quality vinyl pressings these classic Rolling Stones albums have ever received. Special care has been taken to create packaging to the same high standards, with detailed artwork reproduction for each album, including Some Girls, which comes housed in the replica design with 20 cut-outs on the cover all the while the sleeve of Sticky Fingers is presented as Andy Warhol's original design, complete with a working zip with a hidden image underneath and Exile on Main St comes with a set of 12 original postcard inserts.'

The Half-Speed Mastering Process
Abbey Road Studios' engineers have been cutting grooves into discs since the studios first opened in 1931. In 2013, award-winning engineer Miles Showell joined their existing mastering team, bringing a wealth of disc-cutting experience with him. One of the artisan techniques offered by Abbey Road Studios that results in the very highest quality sound reproduction is half-speed cutting. This process involves the master source being played back at precisely half its recorded speed while the cutting lathe is similarly turned at half the desired playback speed.

It allows the cutting head twice the time to cut the intricate groove, allowing considerably more accuracy with important matters such as frequency extremes and micro-dynamic contrasts. The resulting cuts have excellent high frequency response and very solid and stable stereo images. It's not quite as simple as running everything at half rate. An EQ curve is applied to all vinyl records, and by running the lathe at half speed, all the frequencies are wrong. However, the technical staff at Abbey Road Studios had new custom-built filters installed that allow Miles to practice half-speed cutting to the full on a modified Neumann VMS-80 lathe.

The Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016

Sticky Fingers (1971)
LP sleeve presented as Andy Warhol's original design complete with working zip and hidden image beneath

Exile on Main St (1972) (2LP)
2LP in original style gatefold sleeve complete with inner-bags and set of 12 perforated postcards

Goats Head Soup (1973)
LP in gatefold sleeve with two inserts

It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (1974)
LP with original heavyweight inner sleeve

Black and Blue (1976)
LP in gatefold sleeve with original inner bag and lyric sheet

Some Girls (1978)
LP housed in replica design including 20 cut-outs on the cover

Emotional Rescue (1980)
LP with original sized poster

Tattoo You (1981)
LP with original heavyweight inner sleeve

Undercover (1983)
LP with original heavyweight inner sleeve and lyric sheet

Dirty Work (1986)
LP with original heavyweight inner sleeve, red shrink wrapping and bespoke sticker

Steel Wheels (1989)
LP complete with original inner sleeve and sales insert

Voodoo Lounge (1994) (2LP)
2LP gatefold sleeve with original lyric inners

Bridges to Babylon (1997) (2LP)
2LP with original lyric inners

A Bigger Bang (2005) (2LP)
2LP gatefold sleeve with original lyric inners

Blue & Lonesome (2016) (2LP)
2LP gatefold sleeve with original inners

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