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CIAUDIO - VAC-1 Power Supply - direct audio

CIAUDIO - VAC-1 Power Supply


  • $ 19900

Upgrade the Performance of any CIAUDIO Product

The new CIA VAC-1 Outboard Power Supply is the perfect upgrade for any CIAudio product! This upgrade power supply provides enormous improvements; improved bass definition, lower noise floor and wider dynamic range! The VAC-1 improves on the stock "wall wart" power supply by providing higher current power delivery and cleaner power, thanks to a custom made transformer and high current rectifier diodes. At this price the VAC-1 is simply a 'no-brainer!' Highly recommended!

“The VHP-1’s already impressive bass response became even more powerfully solid with the heavy-duty power supply (VAC-1). Not deeper, simply more physical. The VAC-1 went a long way towards making music a total-body experience. This was no small improvement, but it wasn’t the biggest change the VAC-1 wrought. That would be its increase in dynamic contrast.”
--Wes Phillips, Stereophile, October 2005

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