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Wharfedale - Diamond 11.0 Bookshelf Speakers Pair


  • $ 24900

Wharfedale Diamond 11.0 Bookshelf Speakers Pair

Following on from the critically acclaimed 121 and 220 models from their Diamond range, Wharfedale are back with the latest creation – the Diamond 11 range.

The 11.0 is smaller than 11.1 and 11.2 standmounts and is part of a range that also features 3 floorstanders and 2 centre speakers. Although sporting a curvaceous cabinet design harking back to their 10.1 range a decade ago, Wharfedale has kept their instantly recognisable “slot” port design in the base of the speaker used in their most recent models. With a traditional rectangular grill on the front and the understated but classy design of the cabinet, the Diamond 11.0 has a lot going for them in the looks front straight out of the box.

The latest generation of Diamond speakers includes design elements never previously seen at such affordable price points. At the start of the design process, Wharfedale’s engineers went back to basics to create a loudspeaker system that would once again revolutionise this sector of the hi-fi market and bring high-end performance – and style – within reach of many music lovers, not just the wealthy

Curves you can trace and sound you will feel: The Wharfedale Diamond 11.0 decisively removes the "box" mentality traditionally associated with affordable high-end bookshelf loudspeakers. Offering above-its-class performance and striking build quality, Diamond 11.0 takes an outside-the-box approach to sonics, architecture, components, and positioning. Building on a legacy first established nearly four decades ago, Diamond 11.0 bows as the most advanced compact model in the series' evolution.

Cutting-Edge Bass and Midrange Drivers Constructed for Optimal Performance

Woven Kevlar cones bond to a super-lightweight surround made from hi-tech foam that delivers remarkable clarity and expression. The foam surround is manufactured in-house with a U.S.A.-made "water-resistant polyester foam" that has proven longevity, higher elongation, and better tensile, tear strength, and ozone resistance. The cones are driven by copper-clad aluminum coils, which surround a custom-shaped one-piece pole plate fitted with a copper cap to reduce inductance and linearize the magnetic flux. A specially designed basket, with a large open area behind the cone, holds together the driver assembly. The basket's rigidity improves transient impact and the big open area reduces early reflections while allowing the internal cabinet absorbent to do its work.

Exclusive to Diamond 11 Series: WFR Tweeters

Developed specifically for Diamond 11 Series, Wharfedale's Wide Frequency Response tweeter incorporates its own cabinet in the form of a rear chamber damped with fiber filling. The design provides a low resonant frequency below 800Hz, ensuring the usual distortion heard from such resonance gets buried deep below the musical output. An over-sized ceramic magnet, chosen to give a smoother sound than common neodymium types, attaches to a vented pole piece with copper cap. Taken together, the features contribute to a wonderfully lucid midrange and smooth, pure, richly defined high-frequency detail.

What's Behind Those Curves

The main enclosure of each Diamond 11 Series speaker utilizes a multi-layer sandwich of woods of differing density to subdue the identifiable characteristics of the cabinet sound and let the advanced drivers speak for themselves. Critical bracing of the cabinet panels contributes to the eradication of audible resonance, as does the curving of the cabinet walls to provide a non-boxy shape. In addition, the cabinet walls are lined with a specially developed internal fiber chosen for its outstanding absorbent qualities across a wide bandwidth. The result: You hear the drive unit output unsullied by unwanted colorations caused by panel vibration or internal resonances, meaning you get more musical detail and texture.

Slot-Loaded Distribution Port for Natural Instrumental Reproduction

Instead of employing a standard circular reflex port, an updated version of Wharfedale's sophisticated Slot-Loaded Distributed Port augments bass performance. An internal port tube, with precisely curved openings to smooth airflow, opens into a slot formed between the cabinet and plinth – reducing the turbulence and chuffing suffered by conventional ported systems (and caused by the sudden outrush of high-pressure air into the low pressure in the room). You experience a natural recreation of the fundamental notes of bass instruments, matching the realistic sound of the midrange and treble characteristics. The design also allows you to position Diamond 11 speakers closer to a rear wall than is possible with conventional rear-ported speakers.


Configuration: 2-way bookshelf
Enclosure type: Bass reflex (slot- loaded)
Bass/mid driver: 100mm woven Kevlar
Tweeter: 25mm textile dome
Sensitivity: 85dB
Recommended amp power: 15-75W
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms compatible
Frequency response: 75Hz-20kHz
Cabinet volume: 3.95L
Dimensions (HWD): 10.0" x 6.1" x 6.5"
Weight: 6.8 lbs.

Optional Stands Wharfedale ST-1 ONLY $ 249.00 Pair

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