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Wharfedale - Diamond 230 Tower Speakers Pair


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Wharfedale Diamond 230 Tower Speakers Pair

Gorgeous-Looking and Spectacular-Sounding Wharfedale Diamond 230 Tower Loudspeaker Plays with Superlative Cohesiveness, Dynamics, and Detail: Affordable High-End Audio at its Best

Wharfedale Diamond 230 Tower Loudspeaker Awarded Five-Star Review from Hi-Fi Choice: Your Music Will Benefit from Significant Enhancements to Design, Construction, and Performance

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but when it comes to the Wharfedale Diamond 230 tower loudspeaker, guys get in on the love too. A beautiful-looking and spectacular-sounding two-and-a-half-way floorstander, Diamond 230 plays back music with superlative cohesiveness, stunning balance, soul-enhancing dynamics, and immersive depth. This speaker's upper-tier performance belies its modest price – 100% direct audio Guaranteed.

Awarded a rare five-star review by Hi-Fi Choice, it throws wall-to-wall soundstages and presents realistic images that invite you into escapist domains where you can enjoy your favorite artists in an up-close and personal manner. Diamond 230 exemplifies the pinnacle of affordable high-end audio.

The result of years of acoustical research and testing, Diamond 230 benefits from multi-pronged improvements to design, manufacturing, execution, and aesthetics. Bolstered by a 6.5-inch bass driver and a 6.5-inch midrange driver – each featuring Wharfedale's acclaimed woven-Kevlar cone – the speaker counts upgraded construction materials, fine-tuned crossovers, updated bass and treble units, and a slot-loaded port among an arsenal able to reproduce every kind of music with savvy detail, enveloping dimensionality, and unfettered clarity. Built for supreme enjoyment and offered at a cost that leaves you more money for records, Diamond 230 is ready to be your new best friend.

"...It presents the soundstage in a clear and upfront manner. Because the three drive units integrate so well, it sounds very sophisticated considering the price."
– Hi-Fi Choice, five-star review

Hear More Music, Minimize Resonance and Noise
Ongoing research into new cabinet materials and loudspeaker drivers yield the foundation for Diamond 230, which improves upon its predecessors in terms of design, construction, execution, and aesthetics. Diamond 230 boasts the latest acoustic technology to produce an involving listening experience that cannot be beat at this price point. Fieldwork and testing that resulted in the implementation of Crystalam (a substance that reduces the audibility of panel resonance and the ‘cabinet hear-through' that causes distinct coloration) in Wharfedale's flagship Jade Series has now been applied to the far less-expensive Diamond 230. In Diamond 230, a simpler combination of particleboard and MDF supplies similar reductions in coloration, damps annoying high-frequency resonances, and blocks internal sound leakage.

"Smooth, open and detailed, yet powerful and confident, it transcends its apparent limitations to deliver excellent results. Factor in attractive styling and fine build, and what’s not to like about this little gem?"
– Hi-Fi News, Highly Commended review

Fine-Tuned for Optimal Performance and Efficiency
Derived from the Jade Series' Aperiodic bass-loading system, a slot-loaded distributed port created by the plinth exits the base of the speaker cabinet. It allows for greater freedom of speaker positioning, meaning Diamond 230 can be placed as close as two feet from a wall and still operate at peak potential. Most speakers cannot achieve this feat. The port also equalizes the air pressure to mimic the pressure inside the cabinet, permitting a smooth transition between the pressure variation in the cabinet and low-frequency sound developed in the room. Consequently, the energy transfer is increased, and overall system efficiency strengthened. Computer-assisted modeling and hundreds of hours of tests ensure each speaker is fine-tuned. The same process is employed to fine-tune the crossover, which betters the integration between the drive units and intensifies the musical realism. Music lovers will relish audiophile sound whether listening either on and off-axis.

“For the money, you’re getting a real deal.”
– What Hi-Fi?, five-star review

Easy to Drive and Excellent Transient Acoustic Power
Bass unit motor systems are also significantly refined. Increases in magnet sizes, where applicable, beget higher-sensitivity systems that both make the speakers easier to drive and boost transient acoustic power. Semi-elliptical break-up areas on the speakers' signature woven-Kevlar woofer smooth the response, while the cone edges are treated with a unique diamond-pattern molding. To further facilitate outstanding midrange response, Diamond 230's treble unit uses a sheer fabric dome and advanced ferrite magnet system surrounded by a carefully crafted waveguide. The latter smooths the transition between the midrange and tweeter in the crossover region, producing extremely coherent sound between the drivers.

High-Class Looks, Gorgeous Finishes
Destined to elegantly blend into any room, Diamond 230 stylistically benefits from a new lacquered front baffle and cosmetically enhanced veneers. The simple, one-piece baffle that tops the hybrid cabinet material is lacquered to a highly polished finish that cosmetically matches the diamond-cut drive unit surrounds. In addition, the inner and outer layers of MDF allow for a superior finish to the cabinet veneers, enhancing the prior look available on Diamond 100 Series.

Wharfedale Diamond 200 Series Continues a Brilliant Hi-Fi Heritage
Wharfedale Diamond Series reigns as one of the most successful hi-fi loudspeaker lines in history, earning worldwide accommodates for delivering award-winning sound at prices everyone can afford. Since its debut in 1982, Diamond models have subscribed to the principle that stellar performance could – and should – be available at a cost that brings more listeners closer to the music they love. Adhering to that brilliant heritage, Diamond 200 Series reveals entirely new levels of musical detail and transient attack, drawing listeners into musical performances in emotionally compelling ways traditionally only expected from speakers that command much higher prices.


General description: 2.5-way floorstanding speaker
Enclosure type: bass reflex
Transducer complement: 2.5-way
Bass driver: 165mm Woven Kevlar Cone
Midrange driver: 165mm Woven Kevlar Cone
Treble driver: 25mm Soft Dome
Sensitivity(2.83V @ 1m): 88dB
Recommended amplifier power: 25-150W
Peak SPL: 102dB
Nominal impedance: 8Ω Compatible
Minimum impedance: 3.7Ω
Frequency response (+/-3dB): 40Hz - 20kHz
Bass extension (-6dB): 37Hz
Crossover frequency: 2.3kHz
Dimensions (HWD): 36.9" x 7.7" x 13"
Weight: 39.2 lbs.

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