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(New England) Patriots - Patriots Vinyl LP (Special Order) Pre-order - direct audio

(New England) Patriots - Patriots Vinyl LP (Special Order) Pre-order

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(New England) Patriots Patriots Vinyl LP

Patriots is the first actual vinyl record dedicated entirely to the music of Boston's boss post-core art-punk trio, (New England) Patriots. Their other two long players are splits, with Palberta and Skimask. And while those two bands are certainly estimable in their own rights, the unadulterated churn of (NE) Patriots gives this album a very special squirm. Certain aspects of the blabber remind of the late, lamented Cows, and their whole whizzing raunch shebang. But there's nothing that has this exact brand of sonic adventurism.

The Pats still just use guitars, drums and tongues at work in shaping their sounds (certain bass register tones being ascribed to fat strings, perhaps?), and they have a beautifully anarchic approach to song assemblage. Some of the tunes stretch out like worms in Gibby Haynes' colon, others are compacted the way the Hobson Brothers' nut sacs might have if they'd given each other cube-dunks back in Killdozer's heyday. A firm and mighty sound.

(New England) Patriots Patriots Track Listing:

1. Dry Milk
2. Fattened Up
3. Lurker
4. Good Daddy
5. Within The Lines
6. It Makes Me

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