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Joji - Ballads 1 Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock) Pre-order - direct audio

Joji - Ballads 1 Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock) Pre-order


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Joji Ballads 1 Vinyl LP

Osaka, Japan-born singer and producer Joji is a multi-talented visionary, with a cult following from every corner of the internet. Joji defies convention - his songs characterized by down tempo, melancholic themes and soulful vocals, layered over lush grimy textures, blending elements of trap, folk, electronic, and R&B. Joji is one of the most interesting and promising artists living in the digital age, a master of multiple mediums, commanding a massive and almost fanatical fan base, with 600+ million views on YouTube alone. His loyal following has carried over into Joji's music career.

His first full-length studio album, BALLADS 1, is, simply put, a collection of ballads dedicated to the theme of change. Each song deals with the struggle of change – leaving toxic environments, grappling with temptations, or refusing to change – and serve as reminders to Joji to be comfortable with his own growth. The album is told from multiple perspectives, based on both people in Joji's life and imagined.

BALLADS 1 also reflects Joji's evolution as an artist since the release of his debut EP In Tongues in November 2017. Through the recording process, Joji has unlocked an ambitious new sound and style that's uniquely his own. The album is predominantly self-produced, yet features notable collaborations with producers Shlohmo, Clams Casino, Thundercat, RL Grime, Patrick Wimberly, Jam City, and a vocal feature from rapper Trippie Redd.

Joji Ballads 1 Track Listing:

1. Attention
2. Slow Dancing in the Dark
3. Test Drive
4. Wanted U
5. Can't Get Over You (feat. Clams Casino)
6. Yeah Right
7. Why Am I Still in LA (feat. Shlohmo & D33J)
8. No Fun
9. Come Thru
10. R.I.P. (feat. Trippie Redd)
11. Xnxx
12. I'll See You in 40

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