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Judah and the Lion - Folk Hop N' Roll: Deluxe Vinyl 2LP

Judah and the Lion - Folk Hop N' Roll: Deluxe Vinyl 2LP (Out Of Stock)

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Judah and the Lion Folk Hop N' Roll: Deluxe Vinyl 2LP

Deluxe Edition With 4 New Songs and String Quartet Version Of "Take It All Back"
Years before forming one of Nashville's most genre-bending bands, the members of Judah & the Lion grew up in separate corners of the U.S., listening to every type of music that came their way. They loved it all: the twang of folk, the beat of hip-hop, the drive of rock & roll, the punch of pop. Later, after college brought all four musicians to Tennessee, it only made sense to combine those different backgrounds – and different sounds – together.

With their second full-length album, Folk Hop N Roll, the guys shine a light on the place where their influences overlap. It's a wide-ranging sound, with fuzz bass, hip-hop percussion, distorted banjo riffs, and super-sized melodies all stirred into the same mixing pot. "There's no boundaries," says frontman Judah Akers, who shares the band's lineup with drummer Spencer Cross, mandolin player Brian Macdonald, and banjo wiz Nate Zuercher. "We wanted to make something raw, something with attitude. We all grew up loving these hip-hop beats, so why not make an album that has the grit of Run DMC or Beastie Boys, along with all the folk instruments that we play?"

Like Kids These Days – the band's debut record, which climbed to No. 4 on the Billboard Folk Chart and No. 2 on the genre-wide Heatseekers chart after its release in September 2014 – Folk Hop N Roll was produced by award winner Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton). Cobb captured the band's new songs in a series of quick, inspired takes, aiming for performances that sounded real and raw rather than polished and perfect. Everything was done in just two weeks. The goal was to fuel the album with the same electricity that fills the band's live show.

"This record was made for the live show," Akers promises. "Our shows are all about the experience we share with our fans. We know that people work everyday jobs or go to school, and they're dealing with life, and yet they're still choosing to spend the night with us. We don't take that lightly. We give them an experience. We throw an absolute rage. And all the songs were made with that in mind. They're fun, carefree, and youthful, and we live our lives that way, too."

Anthemic and wildly creative, Folk Hop N Roll is unlike anything else in modern music. It's a rule-breaking record, with Judah & the Lion creating a sound that belongs entirely to them. From the earthy stomp of roots music to the bold bounce of hip-hop, Folk Hop N Roll casts a wide net, proof that Judah & the Lion – who are now four releases into their career – have developed quite the roar. Expanded Deluxe Edition with four new songs and a string quartet version of "Take It All Back."

Judah and the Lion Folk Hop N' Roll: Track Listing:

1. Suit and Jacket
2. Green Eyes
3. Conversations
4. Going to Mars
5. Take It All Back 2.0
6. Stockholm
7. Graffiti Dreams
8. Forever, Always
9. Folk-Hop Sound
10. All I Want is You
11. Reputation
12. Insane
13. Better Man
14. We Own the Night
15. Uh-Huh, Yeah!
16. Take It All Back (String Quartet Op. 9 in C Major)

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