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Cardas - 4181US Duplex Outlet


  • $ 14900

Cardas 4181US Duplex Power Outlet

Incredible Vice-Like Grip Gives Your Components the Highest-Current Delivery Possible: Premium-Quality Cardas 4181US Duplex Power Outlet is the First Link to Power Your System
When you build a high-end audio system, you need to start at the source, a principle taken to heart by the Cardas 4181US duplex power outlet. This exceptional device represents the first step in an eventual complete power solution from Cardas.

Made with the highest-quality materials, 4181US boasts an intense vice-like grip to keep even the heaviest plugs where you left them and the ability to run one or two dedicated lines (up to 20A) to the duplex. You can even select your grounding scheme if you so desire. But the bottom line comes down to sound: 4181US ensures your components get the highest-current delivery possible from your wall. It also gets out of the way without adding a sonic signature of its own. No matter your system size, you need a better connection to the AC line to allow your system to properly drive your loudspeakers, and you will hear the difference with 4181US.

Improved Electrical Contact and Current Transfer, Multiple Configuration Options

Cardas' 4181US duplex power outlet features solid-copper contact surfaces plated with silver with a layer of rhodium over the top. This composition provides for improved electrical contact and current transfer. The amazing grip tension of this outlet provides solid contact and superb plug retention on even the heaviest cables.

It's also configurable in many ways. The top and bottom outlet can be joined (as with a standard duplex) or completely electrically isolated from each other. Either can be grounded to the mounting bracket, or isolated from it. A duplex first!

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