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IsoAcoustics - ISO-L8R200 Sub Monitor Stand Supports Subwoofer or Large Single Monitor


  • $ 5999

IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200 Sub Monitor Stand Supports Subwoofer or Large Single Monitor

If you're investing in a top-of-the-line studio monitor or subwoofer, why not invest in the stand that ensures its optimal performance?

This IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200Sub monitor stand employs the same principles as the best professional studios to simulate speaker "flotation." Thanks to a patented design, the IsoAcoustics stand eliminates the transfer of energy from your speaker to surrounding surfaces, which means you'll hear clean, accurate sound with every listen. With a fixed tilt and height of 4", the stand measures 7-3/4" wide by 10" deep to accommodate a subwoofer at least 7-1/2" wide. Use IsoAcoustics' size calculator to confirm this is the right stand for your speaker, or if you have a particular speaker in mind, check out IsoAcoustics' reference chart.

"If you use desktop speakers, you owe it to them, to your ears, and to your music to try the IsoAcoustic speaker stands. If you are currently not using anything, they will elevate the musicality of your speakers by far more than inches, providing greater resolution, improved bass response, and a more focused sound image. They will in short make your speakers more enjoyable to listen to and that is more than worth the price of admission."
— From Michael Lavorgna's review in Audiostream, July 17, 2014


•built for a subwoofer
•measures 7-3/4"W x 4"H x 10"D
•fixed tilt for greater punch and clarity
•warranty: 2 years


Overview: The IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R ("isolator") speaker stands are designed to raise your speakers or studio monitors off of the tabletop or floor and angle them toward your ears. The stands have a unique floating design which isolates and decouples the speaker from the mounting surface to eliminate acoustic distortion. This ISO-L8R200Sub is black in color, and is designed for powered subwoofers.

Note: This package includes a single speaker stand.

Application: The ISO-L8R200Sub Subwoofer stand is designed for subwoofers used in professional studios, project studios, and home theater settings. They should be used with subwoofers with cabinet dimensions greater than 7.8" wide and 10" deep, and weighing up to 75 pounds. For larger applications, you can use two stands to evenly distribute the weight.

PIF Principles: IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R stands are designed to support the PIF Principles of acoustic design:

•Placement: The proximity to adjacent and nearby surfaces. The stands raise the speakers off the supporting surface and away from adjacent surfaces to reduce reflections.
•Isolation: The stands decouple the speakers from the supporting surface to reduce the energy from exciting other objects. The speaker is allowed for float independently.
•Focus: By raising and tilting the speakers, the stands create an ideal listening position. The speakers should be tilted to the listeners ear level, and positioned to form an equilateral triangle from the speakers to the listener.

Construction: The ISO-L8R200Sub subwoofer stand consists of top and bottom isolator sections, made of high-density plastic, with high-modulus co-polymer isolators on each corner. Four rigid steel tubes, approximately 3/4" in diameter and 4" in length, are inserted between the isolator sections, making the stand 5-3/4" in height. The combination of the isolators and steel tubes significantly absorbs and dissipates the energy coming from the speaker so that it does not travel to the mounting surface. This allows the speaker to "float" independently, eliminating acoustic distortion. The subwoofer delivers more punch and clarity, and the sound stays in the room, rather than traveling through the floor to disturb others below.

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