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Pro-Ject - Essential III Digital Turntable

Pro Ject

  • $ 44900

Pro-Ject Essential III Digital Turntable 

Audiophile Best Buy turntable with digital output!

Essential III Digital is the successor to the well received and much respected Essential II Digital, a turntable that shook ground like probably no other before. Delivering its owner the unmatched comfort of a turntable that not only does analogue playback, but also converts his favourite LPs to a digital data stream

Essential III offers a variety of enhancements compared to its successful predecessor, such as a diamond-cut aluminum drive pulley, a resonance-optimized MDF main platter and MDF chassis. The refined, high-precision platter bearing has significantly lower tolerances than Essential II. Essential III is the audiophile entry turntable! The setup is very simple, the included Phono RCA cable, Connect it E, sounds far above its price range. Equipped with the high-quality pickup OM10 by the phonographic cartridge pioneer Ortofon, Essential III delivers lively, balanced and highly involving sound that will delight every vinyl lover.

In practice the Pro-Ject has proven to be very handy and uncomplicated. Setup and connections were made quickly, thanks to precise justage and handling of the cartridge. Also great, that Pro-Ject has decided to replace the black phono cable, which lacked in terms of homogeny and staging, in their entry level turntables with the much better RCA-E cable. This also was used during our tests. Essential III has seen many upgrades in regards to its precedessor, like chassis, platter, pulley and bearings. This comes as no surprise, as it fits in the Austrian‘s ideal of sound and cosmetics.

On top the exceptional frequency range of this MM pickup promised a very homogenic and clean sound. And that is exactly what it is. Almost nobody has as much experience in budget turntables as Pro-Ject. You can hear that. Ortofon‘s OM10 plays even demanding records without any distortions, that made the entire experience a whole lot more magical.

Essential III Digital comes in the aesthetic highgloss colors black, red and white.


Belt drive with synchronous motor and silicone belt
Optical output on back!
Diamond cut aluminium drive pulley
Chassis & platter made of resonance in-sensitive MDF
Integrated DC-powered motor control
minimizes motor vibration and guarantees speed stability
Low tolerance platter bearing with strainless steel spindle
8,6” aluminium tonearm with sapphire bearings
Ortofon OM10 cartridge pre-mounted
High-quality semi-balanced Connect it E phono interconnect
with gold-plated RCA connectors included
Special decoupling feet
Dust cover included
High-gloss colour options: black, red, white
Dust cover included


Speed 33, 45 (manual speed change)
Drive principle belt drive
Wow and flutter 33: 0,70% 45: 0,60%
Speed drift 33: 0,21% 45: 0,19%
Platter 300mm MDF
Main platter bearing spindle High-quality stainless steel
Tonearm 8,6”, aluminium
Effective arm length 218,5 mm
Overhang 22,0mm
Effective tonearmmass 8,0 gr
Suitable for cartridge mass 3 - 5,5g
Tracking force 0 - 25mn (recommended for OM10 18mn)
Included accessory power supply, dust cover
Power consumption 4,5 watts max
Dimensions 420 x 112 x 330mm (WxHxD)
Weight 5,0 kg net

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