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Gruv Glide Record Treatment - direct audio

Gruv Glide Record Treatment


  • $ 3999

Gruv Glide Record Treatment Kit

Most Effective Economical Record-Care Product Is Back: Magical-Sounding Gruv Glide Enhances Vinyl LP Fidelity, Reduces Surface Noise, Removes Static, and Cleans Albums

Stereophile Recommended Gruv Glide Record Treatment Extracts Microdetails, Improves Tracking, and Extends Stylus Life: Easy to Use and Leaves No Residue

Arguably the most effective economical record-care product available, Gruv Glide is back on the market and absolutely essential for vinyl LPs. A dry-record treatment that enhances the sound of LPs, reduces surface noise, removes static, and cleans albums, the four-in-one Gruv Glide extracts previously obscured microdetails from LP grooves and brings to fore significantly improved sound. Since the formula improves tracking ability and reduces friction, it even extends the life of your stylus. Plus, Gruv Glide is simple to use and leaves no residue. Just spray two quick blasts on the supplied black powder puff, rub it against another puff, and buff one side of your record. Voila! You'll hear a dramatic difference from just one application. A single kit treats 200 records when used as directed. Hear what you've been missing with Gruv Glide!

Stereophile Recommended Product Enhances LP Fidelity, Delivers Best-Possible Sound

A Stereophile Recommended Product, Gruv Glide is an aerosol formula that provides a microscopic layer of lubrication that reduces record wear, prevents static build-up, and enhances the fidelity of vinyl LPs. The formulation also leaves no residue, reduces surface noise, and extends stylus life. Prior to Gruv Glide, even the highest-quality cartridge could not produce the maximum available reproduction from an LP. With Gruv Glide, you will hear more microdetail while bringing out the best possible sound. The treated record and cartridge stylus will last longer due to the increased tracking ability and reduced friction. One application lasts for an indefinite period of time. Comes in a kit with two pads.

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