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Mobile Fidelity - Replacement Pads Pair

Mobile Fidelity

  • $ 499

Mobile Fidelity Replacement Brush Pads (Pr)

Replace Your Worn Out Mobile Fidelity Brush Pads!

The Mobile Fidelity Record Brush is the best record cleaning brush currently available! Replace worn pads quickly and inexpensively with these OEM Replacement Pads for the Record Brush.

Mobile Fidelity Brush Pads are simple to replace. Carefully peel off the old pad, making sure all the old adhesive is removed. Then peel the wax backing from the replacement pad and line it up with the edges of the brush, making sure there is enough material overlap to cover both the front and rear lips of the brush. Slowly and firmly, press the pad onto the brush until it's completely adhered. Make sure there are no bubbles or folds and that the pad is flat on the brush. To ensure water-proof adhesion, replacement pads must be allowed to set for 24Hrs before doing the first cleaning. Once the adhesive has cured, you're ready to get back to cleaning records.

Mobile Fidelity recommends replacing the pads on your Record Brush after cleaning approximately 100-150 records or when the pad begins to show wear.

This package consists of two replacement cleaning pads.

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