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Allegaeon - Damnum Colored Vinyl 2LP

Allegaeon Damnum Colored Vinyl 2LP


Over the past fifteen years, Colorado's Allegaeon have built themselves a unique place in the musical landscape, forcing both technicality and melody to the forefront as they create tumultuous and riveting death metal.


With Damnum, their sixth full-length, they push everything further into the extreme, and in the process deliver the definitive Allegaeon record, which while forging into new territory, takes everything compelling about the band and enhances it.


One of the most striking facets of Damnum is how melodic it is, shot through with soaring choruses and virulent hooks, these jump out on first listen, but at the same time, it also contains some of the most intense, violent music of their career, most notably in the case of "Of Beasts And Worms".


Once again, Dave Otero, who has produced everything except the band's 2012 Formshifter, joined the band in Flatline Audio studio and for the first time all members were present in the studio for the entire duration of tracking.


Allegaeon Damnum Track Listing:


1. Bastards of the Earth
2. Of Beasts and Worms
3. Into Embers
4. To Carry My Grief through Torpor and Silence
5. Vermin
6. Called Home
7. Blight
8. The Dopamine Void pt. 1
9. The Dopamine Void pt. 2
10. Saturnine
11. In Mourning
12. Only Loss

Allegaeon - Damnum Colored Vinyl 2LP

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