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Audio - NRG-X2 Low-Noise Power Cable (C-7)

Audio NRG-X2 Low-Noise Power Cable (C-7)


A Very Simple and Affordable High-End Audio Upgrade AudioQuest NRG-X2 Power Cable Fits in Slim Spaces and Enhances Bass Definition, Soundstage Dimensions, and More


Swap out that cheap (and cheaply made) stock power cable that came with your component for an AudioQuest NRG-X2 and hear enhanced bass definition, transient articulation, broader soundstaging, and increased spatiality from the music you love.


Can a high-end audio upgrade really be that simple and inexpensive? With NRG-X2, the answer is an undoubted "yes." While this high-value, high-performance cable will not register the sonic impact of AudioQuest's costlier and beefier designs, NRG-X2 stands at the forefront in its price class. You'll experience more coherency, sharper imaging, deeper solidity, and noticeable presence. 


NRG-X2 employs Direction-Controlled Long-Grain Copper (LGC) in a Semi-Solid Concentric Topology

A sophisticated physical arrangement in which strands are packed more tightly and never change position within the bundle. Direction-Controlled LGC minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries present in any metal conductor, ensuring induced noise gets properly dissipated and drained – and directed away from impact your system.


In addition, while the preceding series of X cables had 37 strands in three layers over the single center strand, NRG-X2 counts only seven larger strands comprising just a single uniform layer over a center strand. The refinement may sound simple, but the improvements are delightfully clear.


What's more, if you're looking for a cable that fits with smaller ports, the two-pole NRG-X2 uses an ultra-slim C7 female end that easily works with gaming consoles, smaller components, Sonos gear, and more. Try one – or a few – in your own setup today with a risk-free in-home audition, and hear what you've been missing. Simply select the length you require from our drop-down menu above.

Audio - NRG-X2 Low-Noise Power Cable (C-7)

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