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AudioQuest - Crimp BFA Bananas (Set of 4)

AudioQuest Crimp BFA Bananas (Set of 4)


Audioquest's Crimp BFA Banana connectors are an inexpensive, lightweight and excellent sounding way to terminate speaker wire. Able to accept up to 9AWG cable, the Crimp BFA is a thin, heavily plated brass sheet, rolled into a heavy copper collar. When inserted into the binding post, the high tensile strength of the brass presses back against the binding posts creating a large contact area and excellent pressure.


Ideal for lightweight to midweight cables, the Crimp BFA should not be used with heavier cables.


The Crimp BFA is available with a heavy silver plate or a heavy gold plate. Sonically, the silver offers a bit more speed and resolution, while the gold imparts a bit more warmth and roundness of tone.

AudioQuest - Crimp BFA Bananas (Set of 4)

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