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AudioQuest - DragonTail USB 2.0 Extender


AudioQuest DragonTail USB 2.0 Extender


AudioQuest DragonTail USB 2.0 Extender Increases the Longevity, Reach, Connectivity, and Flexibility of DragonFly DAC/Headphone Amplifiers: Ideal for Tight Spaces Around Ports


AudioQuest's DragonTail is a USB 2.0 extender cable designed to be used when a USB device (such as AudioQuest's DragonFly or a flash drive) is too large to fit next to other occupied computer ports. This ingenious accessory also keeps the stress off the USB port on your host device, ensuring a safer connection, and keeping stress off the port.


DragonTail is 4.4 inches from tip to tip, and its flexibility makes it safer to use USB 2.0 devices on airplanes and in other mobile environments. Built upon AudioQuest's Carbon digital cable's design, DragonTail includes solid 5% silver conductors, foamed-polyethylene insulation to maintain critical signal-pair geometry, and direct-silver plated (male) USB contacts. DragonTail's signal-carrying conductors are controlled for digital-audio directionality for more engaging sound.


Like all AudioQuest products DragonTail is designed and manufactured for low distortion and best sound quality.




*Solid 5% Silver Conductors
*Direct-Silver Plated (Male) USB Contacts
*Signal Conductors Controlled for Digital Audio Directionality

AudioQuest - DragonTail USB 2.0 Extender

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