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AudioQuest - Fog Lifter Kit (Set of 8)

AudioQuest Fog Lifter Kit (Set of 8)


Is Your System Sounding Constrained? AudioQuest Fog Lifters Elevate Your Cables off of Your Floor, Significantly Reduce Radio-Frequency Noise and Coupling Effects


Is your system sounding a bit cloudy, or, shall we say foggy? AudioQuest's Fog Lifter Kit will clear the air – and clarify your music. Able to effectively address radio-frequency (RF) noise coupled from the floor into audio and AC cables, Fog Lifter devices get your audio cables off your carpet, tile, or wood floors and significantly reduce coupling effects. You'll hear a dramatically lower noise floor and curtail distortion in attached active circuits.


Fog Lifters decrease RF coupling also due to misdirected efforts to isolate cable with stands or clamps that themselves have too much mass and are sources of RF noise. A few inches or centimeters might not seem important, but as with light coming from a bulb, the energy falls off exponentially.

AudioQuest - Fog Lifter Kit (Set of 8)

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