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AudioQuest - IEC-3 Power Strip

AudioQuest IEC-3 Power Strip


Use One High-Quality Power Cord and Connect it to Three Components

Up until recently, if you wanted to add a few outlets to your system you had to buy a big box or add another power conditioner to your system. Now, all you need are a good power cord and the AudioQuest IEC-3!


The IEC-3 offers a high quality solution to bulky power strips, with a single IEC inlet and three outlets, the IEC-3 allows you to have the convenience of extra outlets anywhere you need them. Made with high purity copper, the bus bar structure allows virtually unlimited current delivery, regardless of which outlet is used.


This ingenious product will also allow you spread the benefits of one great upgraded power cord to up to three individual components! Very Cool!




High Purity copper bus bar
3 high quality outlets
Small form factor

AudioQuest - IEC-3 Power Strip

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