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AudioQuest - Q2 Speaker Cables (Bananas, 10ft, Pair)

AudioQuest Q2 Speaker Cables (Bananas,10ft, Pair)


AudioQuest Q2 Speaker Cables Improve Your Speaker's Performance for a Song


Q2 delivers the sonic goods at a fraction of what you'd normally pay for great speaker cables. Delivering high performance and maximum bang for the buck, Q2 speaker cables are the real deal. Q2 incorporates the same Long Grain Copper (LGC) solid-core conductors that made AQ's budget models Stereophile Recommended Components, but with a twist. Q2 is a hybrid design, mixing stranded and solid-core conductors for great sonic performance without the big price tag. Q2 offers smooth midrange, extended highs and solid bass, everything you'd expect from an AudioQuest cable.


This compact, square bodied cable offers excellent imaging and a neutral tonal balance with just a touch of warmth. Q2 works great with any size bookshelf speaker and small to medium sized towers. 


AudioQuest has long been known for excellent reasonably priced speaker cables, a number of them are considered "must-haves" and "recommended components" by reviewers and connoisseurs world-wide. Q2 is built around a Semi-Solid Concentric design, which means a solid-core conductor has stranded wire woven around it.


This design delivers much of the benefit of solid-core designs (high-current capability and incredible focus) and adds the benefits of stranded designs (flexibility, lighter weight, larger gauge size). While the ultimate result isn't quite as transparent as AudioQuest's Solid-Core Conductor designs, Semi-Solid Concentric wire is significantly more resolving than conventional stranded wire.


Q2 uses Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors. LGC is high purity copper with vastly lower distortion than Oxygen-Free High Conductivity (OFHC) copper. LGC offers outstanding clarity and a very natural sound. Inside Q2 there are a pair of solid LGC conductors, each one wound with a perfect circle of 11 smaller strands of LGC copper. Dubbed Solid+ Concentric, this design keeps the overall girth of the cable down, flexibility high and sonic performance optimal. These conductors are spiraled around each other in a "twisted pair" configuration, an optimal alignment which preserves signal integrity the length of the cable.


Q2 is factory terminated with AudioQuest's SureGrip 100 BFA/Banana plugs. These connectors work with virtually any amp or speaker, simply slide them into the post and the banana literally grips the inside wall of the terminal for excellent signal transmission and a confidence inspiring fit. These bananas are the real deal, the core material is a beryllium-copper blend, offering great strength and conductivity.


High-purity silver is direct plated onto the bare copper bananas, the matte finish is your assurance there's no intermediate metal to muddy up the sound. Over time this silver finish will tarnish, but this oxidization doesn't affect sonic performance and it can be easily removed.

AudioQuest - Q2 Speaker Cables (Bananas, 10ft, Pair)

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