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AudioQuest - Type 5 Speaker Cables (Pair)

AudioQuest Type 5 Speaker Cables (Pair)


Grain-Free Clarity and Accurate Signal Transmission: AudioQuest Type 5 Speaker Cables Feature Perfect Surface Copper+ and Direction-Controlled Conductors for Noise Dissipation


Nearly 40 years since AudioQuest introduced its overachieving Type 4 speaker cable, which remains a jack-of-all-trades wire for many audiophiles, the company's engineers have brought its performance to the next level with Type 5 – a model that delivers seductively smooth, grain-free clarity rarely heard at its price point.


Credit for its sonic abilities start with the use of Perfect Surface Copper+ (PSC+), a material that produces a more accurate, sonically transparent signal than traditional coppers like OFHC, OCC, and 8N. PSC+ enables Type 5 to offer flesh-and-bones realism along with cinematic soundscapes that will pull you deeper into your entertainment experience.


While Type 5 employs AudioQuest's time-tested Star-Quad geometry (known for its quiet and reliable audiophile-grade performance), it also arrives upgraded with carbon-loading capability as well as Direction-Controlled Conductors to provide extremely effective noise dissipation and minimize amplifier distortion.


Consequently, Type 5 extends bass and fleshes out vocals and instruments to immense degrees. In addition, to correct another common flaw in cables – termination quality – Type 5 comes with proprietary SureGrip 300 connectors, which feature direct-silver plating over a high-quality beryllium copper base.


You'll find no distortion-causing brass layers in SuperGrip 300. And, by going with a cold-welded connection instead of common solder, Type 5 plays with additional accuracy and neutrality.

AudioQuest - Type 5 Speaker Cables (Pair)

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