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Billy Joel - An Innocent Man Numbered Hybrid SACD

Billy Joel An Innocent Man Numbered Hybrid SACD


Infectious Doo-Wop, carefree Soul, harmonious Pop give testament to the music of Billy Joel's childhood.  This Mobile Fidelity reissue allows you to hear this pleasing set with fresh ears!


Another blockbuster by Joel this 1983 album became seven-times platinum and includes "Uptown Girl", "For the Longest Time", "An Innocent Man", and "Tell Her About It".


After making The Nylon Curtain, Billy Joel felt the need to exhale and get back to the carefree music of his childhood. He also met supermodel Christie Brinkley, who brought serious degrees of levity and romance to his world. In love, relaxed, and out to have fun, the singer crafted An Innocent Man, arguably the most easygoing and pleasing album of his career.


Featuring four Top 40 pop singles and the same number of Top 5 Adult Contemporary hits to grace the Billboard charts, the record remains a commercial staple.


An essential title in Mobile Fidelitys Billy Joel catalog restoration series, An Innocent Man is mastered from the original master tapes and made available on fully transparent hybrid SACD. The resulting presentation effortlessly outshines that heard on all previous editions of this 1983 set.


Particularly, the effervescent harmonies now possess an airiness and extension that lends to realistic tonal decay. Instruments are balanced and placed on a wider, deeper soundstage, contributing improved to improved imaging and spaciousness. Joels voice, too, comes across with tremendous clarity, presence, and body. These songs have never sounded so contagious.


Per usual, Joel proves a melodic jukebox. The vocalists grasp on structure, hooks, and delivery help make this batch of songs among his most beloved, easy to hum, and impossible to ignore.


Much of the appeal resides in Joels understanding of the early rock and roll, doo-wop, and soul that he grew up hearing in New York, and the manners in which the popular songwriters favored simplicity over complexity, good-natured vibes over seriousness, and romantic charm over introspective sadness.


Whether floating on a cloud on the giddy Uptown Girl (check out his falsetto), doubling as both the lead and background vocalist on the reminiscent-themed The Longest Time, or tapping gospel undercurrents on the tribute Keeping the Faith, Joel revels in '50s and '60s pop constructs, turning out amiable refrains and unforgettable moods.


As the calm before stormier periods in his life, and a timeless connection to America’s finest pop music traditions, An Innocent Man is indeed innocent—a guiltless pleasure that keeps on giving.


Billy Joel An Innocent Man Track Listing:


1. Easy Money
2. An Innocent Man
3. The Longest Time
4. This Night
5. Tell Her About It
6. Uptown Girl
7. Careless Talk
8. Christie Lee
9. Leave A Tender Moment Alone
10. Keeping the Faith

Billy Joel - An Innocent Man Numbered Hybrid SACD

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