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Bjork - Medulla 45RPM Colored Vinyl 2LP

Bjork Medulla 45RPM Colored Vinyl 2LP


In celebration of Bjork's mid-career retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the release of the Bjork: Archives book, One Little Independent is reissuing the Bjork vinyl back catalogue, and for an exclusive period the vinyl will be colored to the hue that personifies that album character.


Medulla's character is primordial motherhood humour family around campfire breastfeeding black braided hair bones caves marrow goth pagan archeology pre-civilization folk family passive maroon.


Bjork is one of the most recognized stars in the world. She has sold millions of copies of her groundbreaking albums, she is an icon of cutting edge style, and she has received worldwide acclaim as an actress. Medulla finds Bjork delving deeper than ever before into her haunting and exhilarating sound and vision.


Innovative as always, Bjork has this time built the songs on Medulla entirely from vocal tracks, with no instruments appearing on the album, creating a soundscape unlike anything you've ever heard before. Special guests include Rahzel from The Roots, Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, an Inuit throat singer, an Icelandic choir, the world's greatest human beatboxes and more.


"Medúlla explores both the ritual power of the human voice and some of the most essential themes of Björk's music in a way that's both primal and elaborate...It's not an immediate album, but it is a fascinating one, especially for anyone interested in the world's oldest instrument being used in unexpected ways." -Heather Phares,


Bjork Medulla Track Listing:


1. Pleasure Is All Mine
2. Show Me Forgiveness
3. Where Is The Line?
4. Vokuro
5. Oll Birtan
6. Who Is It (Carry My Joy On The Left, Carry My Pain On The Right)
7. Submarine
8. Sonnets/Unrealities XI
9. Desired Constellation
10. Piano II
11. Mouths Cradle
12 Wednesday (Midvikudags)
13. Triumph Of A Heart
14. Oceania

Bjork - Medulla 45RPM Colored Vinyl 2LP

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