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Blackfield - Blackfield II 180g Vinyl LP

Blackfield Blackfield II 180g Vinyl LP


Blackfield is Porcupine Tree mastermind and highly sought after producer Steven Wilson and Israel's leading counter culture rock musician Aviv Geffen. Formed after a meeting in 2000, the partnership blossomed into a cross-cultural collaboration called Blackfield. Aviv had discovered Porcupine Tree in the mid-90s and followed their career development.


In 2000 he invited the band to perform some concerts in Israel and met with Wilson in London to discuss working together. Before long they had collaborated on the first Blackfield song. In 2001 the two met in a studio in Tel Aviv with the intention of recording a one-off EP.


The results of the session were so impressive however, that the EP was canceled and the decision was made to continue writing and recording a full length album. Over the next 18 months the pair fitted in Blackfield writing and recording sessions whenever they could between their other commitments and finally in October 2003 their debut was complete.


The collaborative songs alongside songs written by each separately brought a unique meeting of cultures, which resulted in Blackfield's self titled debut, hailed at the time as "hypnotically effective" (Classic Rock) and "another strike of genius from Steven Wilson" (Eclipsed).


Produced and mixed in Tel Aviv and London betwewen February and June 2006, Blackfield II followed in February 2007. The pair's return was greeted by an equally enthusiastic media response with Clash describing it as "a lush but soulful mix of separate cultures, deep sounds and touching lyrics," and CMU proclaiming it as "simply another complete triumph from the duo." Reissued here on 180g heavyweight vinyl courtesy of Kscope Records.


Blackfield Blackfield II Track Listing:


1. Once
2. 1,000 People
3. Miss U
4. Christenings
5. This Killer
6. Epidemic
7. My Gift Of Silence
8. Some Day
9. Where Is My Love?
10. End Of The World

Blackfield - Blackfield II 180g Vinyl LP

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