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Blink-182 - Buddah 180g Vinyl LP

Blink-182 Buddah 180g Vinyl LP


Early demo album reissue on black vinyl


The pop-punk hit makers' early demo album, issued on black vinyl. Buddha is the first recording demo album by the Californian band, Blink 182, originally released in January 1994, via Filter record label. The demo was recorded live at local Santee studio Doubletime, comprising nearly all of the songs the trio had written up to that point.


The EP was a success selling 300,000 copies under Kung Fu Records after remixed and remastered the demo, giving it a wider commercial reissue.


Blink-182 Buddah Track Listing:


1. Carousel
2. T.V
3. Strings
4. Fentoozler
5. Time
6. Romeo & Rebecca
7. 21 Days
8. Sometimes
9. Point of View
10. My Pet Sally
11. Reebok Commercial
12. Toast & Bananas
13. The Girl Next Door
14. Don't

Blink-182 - Buddah 180g Vinyl LP

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