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Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson Colored Vinyl 2LP

Brian Wilson Brian Wilson Colored Vinyl 2LP


RSD limited edition blue swirl vinyl


Along with The Beach Boys, the legendary Brian Wilson, the rock and roll genius and ambassador of time honored classic rock and popular song, invented and helped shape the California sound for the entire world to enjoy for over fifty years.


His distinct vision and musical imagery for The Beach Boys truly made them one of the first rock bands in history to sell multi-platinum and gold albums to millions of fans around the globe.


In 1988, Brian Wilson took some time out from The Beach Boys and ventured out on his own and delivered what was to soon become his masterpiece debut solo album Brian Wilson.


For this masterwork, Brian performs a number of his future classics like his powerful hit single Love And Mercy and brilliantly melodic tunes like his much loved Melt Away and his tribute to The Beach Boys One For The Boys. Some of his Beach Boys Today roots and Phil Spector admiration is felt as well with stunning tracks like Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long and Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight.


A star studded event, Brian Wilson is joined by many of his superstar friends like Christopher Cross and Andy Paley on the rockin' Night Time as Terrence Trent D'Arby lends a hand on the Beach Boys Love You vibe of Walkin' The Line. Jeff Lynne (ELO, Traveling Wilburys) joins the team as well for one of the finest collaborative efforts ever between two legends with the beautiful Let It Shine.


Brian Wilson also knows how to create pocket symphonies as he did for years with epic tracks like Good Vibrations. For this LP, the spectacular Rio Grande closes the album out leaving us all with even more good vibrations about how masterful this album truly is.


Brian Wilson Brian Wilson Track Listing:




1. Love And Mercy    
2. Walkin' The Line    
3. Melt Away    
4. Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long    
5. Little Children    
6. One For The Boys    
7. There's So Many    
8. Night Time    
9. Let It Shine    
10. Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight    
11. Rio Grande  



1. Brian On "Love And Mercy"    
2. He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move    
3. Being With The One You Love    
4. Let's Go To Heaven In My Car    
5. Too Much Sugar    
6. There's So Many (Demo)    
7. Walkin' The Line (Demo)    
8. Melt Away (Early Version - Alternate Vocal)    
9. Night Time (Instrumental Track)    
10. Little Children (Demo)
11. Night Bloomin' Jasmine (Demo)    
12. Rio Grande (Early Version - Compiled Rough Drafts)    
13. Brian On "Rio Grande"    
14. Brian On The Source    
     Hidden Track
15.Brian Wilson Christmas Message

Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson Colored Vinyl 2LP

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