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Cam - The Otherside Vinyl LP

Cam The Otherside Vinyl LP


Grammy-nominated songstress Cam delivers her highly anticipated sophomore album The Otherside. The moving collection was written over the last three years in LA, Nashville, and NYC with collaborators Tyler Johnson (Harry Styles, Sam Smith) and Grammy winner Jeff Bhasker (Kanye

West, Bruno Mars).


Co-written and produced with Jack Antonoff (Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, St Vincent, The Chicks), captivating single "Classic" is about a relationship that transcends time and outlasts trends. "Ain't nothin new I'm waitin for," Cam sings, "cause they don't make em like this anymore."


Full of warm and familiar references "like a bench in the front seat / Like a big yellow taxi / Like your best friend's mixtape / A big limo and a prom date" to remind us how fun true love can be. "Jack and I caught something in the air that day and ran with it," Cam says.


"The track is so much fun. Jangling guitars, claps, it feels like when a group of familiar people get back together over the holidays, clanking around after dinner with too much wine, and amidst the chatter and laughter and closeness they are really telling each other, deep down, just how much they love each other."


Cam The Otherside Track Listing:


1. Redwood Tree
2. The Otherside
3. Classic
4. Forgetting You
5. Like a Movie
6. Changes
7. Till There's Nothing Left
8. What Goodbye Means
9. Diane
10. Happier for You
11. Girl Like Me

Cam - The Otherside Vinyl LP

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