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Cat Power - You Are Free Vinyl LP + Download

Cat Power You Are Free Vinyl LP + Download


Originally released in 2003, You Are Free is the critically acclaimed sixth full-length release from Cat Power aka Chan Marshall. Although the epic 14-song set includes guest appearances from Dave Grohl, Eddie Vedder and Warren Ellis, it's the richly complex vocal stylings and minor-key poetics of Marshall that are front and center here.


Exploring the nature of relationships and fame, from the anguished, layered “Speak to Me” to the searching irony of “He War,” You Are Free is at turns evocative, intense and beautifully beguiling. Matador Records' 120g vinyl reissue with MP3 coupon.


"Her voice sounds like her soul laid bare, arresting, beautiful and evocative." - Nylon


Cat Power You Are Free Track Listing:


1.   I Don’t Blame You
2.   Free
3.   Good Woman (ft. Warren Ellis and Eddie Vedder)
4.   Speak For Me
5.   Werewolf
6.   Fool
7.   He War
8.   Shaking Paper
9.   Babydoll
10. Maybe Not
11. Names
12. Half Of You
13. Keep On Runnin’
14. Evolution (ft. Eddie Vedder)

Cat Power - You Are Free Vinyl LP + Download

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