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Charley Crockett - Welcome to Hard Time 180g Vinyl LP

Charley Crockett Welcome to Hard Time 180g Vinyl LP


The new album from Charley Crockett is perhaps even more potent proof of his literal heartbreak than the scar on his chest. After undergoing open heart surgery that saved his life, Charley says he considered calming down for "just a minute" but once he recovered he did just the opposite.


He states boldly with one eyebrow raised, "I wanted to make an album that would change the entire conversation about country music." That album is Welcome to Hard Times, an aptly-named collection that perfectly fits these troubled days even though it was made just before the pandemic hit.


The music was shaped by his heart issues and producer Mark Neill's desire to make "a dark gothic country record." Charley certainly knew how to deliver that. "I think you can hear that deep, dark sadness in this record," he says, "but I think it's the kind of darkness that will uplift others."


Charley Crockett Welcome to Hard Time Track Listing:


1. Welcome to Hard Times
2. Run Horse Run
3. Don't Cry
4. Tennessee Special
5. Fool Somebody Else
6. Lilly My Dear
7. Wreck Me
8. Heads You Win
9. Rainin' in My Heart
10. Paint It Blue
11. Blackjack County Chain
12. The Man That Time Forgot
13. The Poplar Tree

Charley Crockett - Welcome to Hard Time 180g Vinyl LP

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