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Christina Aguilera - Stripped Vinyl 2LP

Christina Aguilera Stripped Vinyl 2LP


True to its title, Stripped, the audacious new RCA Records release from Christina Aguilera, strips away the last remnants of her previous teen idol persona and what's left is as real as it gets.


The sixteen new tracks that comprise Stripped, including her sensational debut single, "Dirrty," showcases an unadorned, unfettered and fearlessly outspoken artist who has liberated herself, her soul and her music on an album that is as much a declaration of independence as it is a convincing demonstration of her fierce and original talent. Simply put, this is the real deal.


Recorded over an eighteen-month stretch, with Christina firmly at the helm every step of the way, Stripped slowly but surely took shape, not only as an exercise in breathtaking stylistic diversity but as a resonant and revealing look into the mind and emotions of a young woman on the verge of personal and professional liberation.


Christina Aguilera Stripped Track Listing:


LP 1


1. Stripped Intro
2. Can't Hold Us Down (featuring Lil' Kim)
3. Walk Away
4. Fighter
5. Primer Amor Interlude
6. Infatuation
7. Loves Embrace Interlude
8. Loving Me 4 Me
9. Impossible
10. Underappreciated


LP 2


1. Beautiful
2. Make Over
3. Cruz
4. Soar
5. Get Mine, Get Yours
6. Dirrty ( Featuring Redman)
7. Stripped Pt. 2
8. The Voice Within
9. I'm OK
10. Keep On Singin' My Song

Christina Aguilera - Stripped Vinyl 2LP

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