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Cody Jinks - Lifers Vinyl LP

Cody Jinks Lifers Vinyl LP


Cody Jinks hasn't spent his career slowly drifting away from his roots. He's spent his career re-affirming them, grasping them tighter, and doubling down on a traditional country sound. Cody has the same songwriting qualities as the top tier songwriters and performers in the business, a voice and sound that resonates deep and wide among country music fans traditional and otherwise, but even more so, he's got no compromise.


Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell, Aaron Watson, Jamey Johnson, Hank3, and others helped create a new appetite for true country, and helped open doors for an artist with no compromise in their sound to walk through them.


It just happens to be that in 2018, that door is open wider than ever, and right as Cody Jinks is hitting his stride. Jinks whose last album, I'm Not The Devil, was widely hailed as one of the best country albums of 2016, has signed with Rounder Records. Lifers is his debut for the label.


Writing in Rolling Stone, Jon Freeman observed "Sturgill Simpson's cosmic experiments have made him an upper-echelon entertainer, Jason Isbell's poetic flair has labeled him a revered tunesmith and Whitey Morgan – with whom Jinks has toured – has injected a gritty Rust Belt pride into his sweaty live shows.


But Jinks may be the most palatable of the lot, blending an innate knack for hooks with the DGAF attitude suited for a rebel," while Saving Country Music's Kyle Corneos declared "2018 will be the year of Cody Jinks in country."


Cody Jinks Lifers Track Listing:


1. Holy Water
2. Must Be The Whiskey
3. Somewhere Between I Love You And I'm Leavin'
4. Lifers
5. Big Last Name
6. Desert Wind
7. Colorado
8. Can't Quit Enough
9. 7th Floor
10. Stranger
11. Head Case

Cody Jinks - Lifers Vinyl LP

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