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Corinne Bailey Rae - Corinne Bailey Rae 180g Vinyl LP

Corinne Bailey Rae Corinne Bailey Rae 180g Vinyl LP


Heavyweight 180g Vinyl LP Reissue with the Bonus Track "Another Rainy Day"!


Singer-songwriter and guitarist Corinne Bailey Rae's silky smooth brand of R&B has won her legions of fans on both sides of the Atlantic. While her delicate and graceful voice has drawn comparison with Billie Holiday, her ever-shifting music has embraced a variety of styles ranging from jazz and soul to pop, rock and indie.


She offered a gentle alternative to her more outré contemporaries on her acclaimed 2006 self-titled debut album. The irresistible, feel-good soul-pop of preceding single "Put Your Records On" proved a runaway chart hit. The album, which followed swiftly on its heels, is an impeccably crafted musical patchwork of soul, jazz and pop.


There are subtle nods to Zero 7 on the graceful Hammond soul of "Till It Happens To You" and Beatles-esque chord progressions on the pretty "Choux Pastry Heart." "Breathless" is a caramel-smooth slice of modern soul, while there's a neat homage to Stevie Wonder on "Seasons Change." But it's Rae's vocals – fragile, delicate, and imbued with enveloping warmth – that defines the album and confirmed her as a major star in her own right. They're at their most effective on the luscious single "Like A Star": a song which provided the singer with her biggest US hit.


The album debuted at No. 1 in the UK album charts, peaked at No. 4 in the US Billboard 200, and went on to sell over four million copies worldwide. Such success was backed with critical plaudits come award season, as Bailey Rae earned four Grammy nominations. This new heavyweight 180-gram vinyl LP reissue comes complete with the bonus track "Another Rainy Day."


Corinne Bailey Rae Corinne Bailey Rae Track Listing:


1. Like A Star
2. Enchantment
3. Put Your Records On
4. Till It Happens To You
5. Trouble Sleeping
6. Another Rainy Day
7. Call Me When You Get This
8. Choux Pastry Heart
9. Breathless
10. I'd Like To
11. Butterfly
12. Seasons Change

Corinne Bailey Rae - Corinne Bailey Rae 180g Vinyl LP

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