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Cuco - Para Mi Vinyl LP

Cuco Para Mi Vinyl LP


Rising Latin singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Cuco (born Omar Banos) delivers his debut full-length album Para Mi, the first release since Interscope Records won a bidding war for the promising young Hawthorne, California artist.


Crediting the cultural diversity of his home town and his love of L.A. as major influences, his music is romantic and expressive with catchy hooks and sweet melodies. The warm and uplifting 13-track collection is home to the technicolored genre jumping singles "Hydrocodone," "Bosso No Sé," and "Feelings," and includes collaborations with Foos Gone Wild, Sucato and Jean Carter.


Cuco Para Mi Track Listing:


1. Intro (feat. Foos Gone Wild)
2. Keeping Tabs (feat. Suscat0)
3. Bossa No Sé (feat. Jean Carter)
4. Perihelion (Interlude)
5. Feelings
6. Love Tripper
7. Ego Death in Thailand
8. Hydrocone
9. Far Away From Home
10. Brokey The Pear (Interlude)
11. Best Friend
12. Room Tone (Interlude)
13. Do Better

Cuco - Para Mi Vinyl LP

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