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Deftones - Diamond Eyes Vinyl LP

Deftones Diamond Eyes Vinyl LP


Diamond Eyes was recorded after Deftones' bassist Chi Cheng sustained a debilitating brain injury from a car accident in November of 2008 and the newfound sense of purpose is readily apparent througout. The tangle of Stephen Carpenter's woozy, undulating guitar work and Moreno's soaring then secretive vocal style is the bittersweet dynamic behind each of Deftones' records, including Diamond Eyes.


Deftones Diamond Eyes Track Listing


1.  Diamond Eyes
2.  Royal
4.  You've Seen The Butcher
5.  Beauty School
6.  Prince
7.  Rocket Skates
8.  Sextape
9.  Risk
10. 976-EVIL
11. This Place Is Death

Deftones - Diamond Eyes Vinyl LP

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