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Depeche Mode - Black Celebration 180g Vinyl LP

Depeche Mode Black Celebration 180g Vinyl LP


From the beginning of their career Depeche Mode have been at the forefront of remix culture; creating their own classic extended mixes back in the early '80s and over the years amassing a collection of remixers of their songs that pretty much charts the history of cutting edge dance music.


1984's "Black Celebration" is an emotionally intense, anthemic masterpiece that introduced the classics "Stripped", "A Question Of Time", and the title track.


Depeche Mode's Black Celebration, with it's emotionally extreme lyrics, could be described as gothic and dark, weighing it's listeners down with lamentations such as in "Stripped" and "World Full of Nothing".


Depeche Mode Black Celebration Track Listing:


1. Black Celebration
2. Fly On the Windscreen - Final
3. A Question of Lust
4. Sometimes
5. It Doesn't Matter Two
6. A Question of Time
7. Stripped
8. Here Is the House
9. World Full of Nothing
10. Dressed in Black
11. New Dress

Depeche Mode - Black Celebration 180g Vinyl LP

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