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Depeche Mode - Speak And Spell 180g Vinyl LP

Depeche Mode Speak And Spell 180g Vinyl LP


Initially rooted in the U.K.’s New Romantic movement, modern rock icons Depeche Mode first formed in 1980 with founding partners Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Vince Clarke, and Andrew Fletcher. Their pioneering, synthesizer-based sound became a global phenomenon that made them wildly successful electro-pop superstars who loomed as large as cult heroes as they did as commercial heavies.


With an originality of vision that’s only grown over time, the band’s wealth of singles and signature tracks ranges from bold dance grooves to atmospheric alt-pop to dramatic, industrial flavored masterpieces. 


Vocalist Dave Gahan, keyboardists Andrew Fletcher and Vince Clarke and guitarist/keyboardist, Martin Gore made their debut in 1981 on Sire Records with the album Speak & Spell.


The band's only release with Clarke as an official member and as the main songwriter, Speak & Spell's first two singles – “Dreaming of Me” and “New Life” – laid the groundwork for the success of the album’s third single and Depeche Mode's first Top Ten U.K. hit, “Just Can’t Get Enough.” Gatefold 180 gram vinyl with insert and liner notes.


"It was the first time we’d spent a lot of time in the studio together, and that’s when I really started to appreciate the depth of their talent - when I saw how they were putting the tracks together. At the time, Vince [Clarke] was leader of the band. Dave [Gahan] was the frontman, but Vince wrote the songs, Vince did the arrangements.


Martin [Gore] did a lot of the melodies, but it was really Vince’s band in that he was the driving force behind it all...We all learned a lot during the making of that record, we had a lot of fun and we did it really quickly. It was the only record that Vince did with them, so it’s got his signature on it as well." - Producer/Founder of Mute Records, Daniel Miller 


Depeche Mode Speak And Spell Track Listing:


1.  New Life
2.  I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
3.  Puppets
4.  Boys Say Go!
5.  Nodisco
6.  What’s Your Name?
7.  Photographic
8.  Tora! Tora! Tora!
9.  Big Muff
10. Any Second Now (Voices)
11. Just Can’t Get Enough

Depeche Mode - Speak And Spell 180g Vinyl LP

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