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Enya - The Memory Of Trees Vinyl LP

Enya The Memory Of Trees Vinyl LP


Originally released in 1995, The Memory of Trees, Enya's 4th studio album, continued her commercial success in the '90s reaching No. 5 in the UK and No. 9 in the U.S. The album produced two singles "Anywhere Is" and "On My Way Home". The album was awarded a Grammy Award in 1997 for Best New Age Album.


"While other cultural influences play a greater part in this album, the beautiful and brooding Celtic melodies she brought with her from her earlier work with Clannad are still the primary raw materials, and her skillful use of them is still the main thing that sets her apart from the new age pack.


She also has a truly lovely voice, and there's no point trying to resist the gentle charm of 'China Roses' and the incantatory power of 'Anywhere Is'..." - Rick Anderson,


Enya The Memory Of Trees Track Listing:


1. The Memory Of Trees
2. Anywhere Is
3. Pax Deorum
4. Athair ar Neamh
5. From Where I Am
6. China Roses
7. Hope Has A Place
8. Tea-House Moon
9. Once You Had Gold
10. La Sonadora
11. On My Way Home

Enya - The Memory Of Trees Vinyl LP

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