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FKJ - Vincent Colored Vinyl 2LP

FKJ Vincent Colored Vinyl 2LP


Back in his home studio in the Southeast Asian Jungle, with no wifi and an impending global lockdown, FKJ was quite literally cut off from the world, able to explore music's endless possibilities. "Sometimes I would get into it for the whole night and go to bed when the sun came up," he says.  Out of this freedom comes an expressionistic, touching album that's impossible to pin down.


V I N C E N T marks FKJ out as a crucial new voice, redefining chillout music with his bursts of late-night jazz sax and piano, coupled with his wood-cabin whispery vocals, recalling Bon Iver's early work, and those Santana-styled guitar flourishes. V I N C E N T is a marvel and testament to the magic that can happen when you dig deep. "This was a challenging record," he adds.


"I'm a perfectionist and it's hard to shake that off. But once I did, and I let the music take over, I felt totally free."


FKJ Vincent Track Listing:


1. Way Out
2. Greener feat. Santana
3. Us
4. The Mission
5. Can’t Stop feat. Little Dragon
6. IHM
7. Brass Necklace feat. ((( O )))
8. Different Masks For Different Days
9. A Moment Of Mystery feat. Toro Y Moi
10. Let’s Live
11. Once Again I Close My Eyes
12. New Life
13. Does It Exist
14. Stay A Child

FKJ - Vincent Colored Vinyl 2LP

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