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Flamin' Groovies - Fantastic Plastic Vinyl LP

Flamin' Groovies Fantastic Plastic Vinyl LP


American precursors to punk rock and power pop, The Flamin' Groovies' story goes all the way back to 1965, when the band began as the Chosen Few in their hometown of San Francisco, CA. They released a series of infectious guitar driven rock 'n' roll records over the next few decades before disbanding in 1992. However, Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson reunited in 2013 and have been touring for the past four years.


Now they return in 2017 with Fantastic Plastic and give everyone another chance at hearing exactly why those in the know consider them one of the greatest rock n' roll bands of all-time. Produced by Jordan and Joel Jaffe (who also contributes guitar) and featuring original bassist George Alexander and latter-day drummer Victor Penalosa, Fantastic Plastic unleashes 10 new original tunes penned by Jordan and Wilson as well as covers of the Beau Brummels' "Don't Talk To Strangers" and NRBQ's "I Want You Bad."


"It was 33 years that we hadn't seen each other – we're talking three decades," says Jordan. "But when we got back together and I started showing him the musical ideas I had for [the new song] ‘End of the World,' he immediately came up with the second verse. It was as if time and space hadn't affected us. It was the same as it was back in 1979 when we were writing the songs for Jumpin' In the Night. We went back and locked into that. It's really amazing."


Flamin' Groovies Fantastic Plastic Track Listing:


1. What the Hell's Goin' On
2. End of the World
3. Don't Talk to Strangers
4. Let Me Rock
5. She Loves You
6. I Want You Bad
7. Crazy Macy
8. Lonely Hearts
9. Just Like A Hurricane
10. Fallen Star
11. I'd Rather Spend My Time With You
12. Cryin' Shame

Flamin' Groovies - Fantastic Plastic Vinyl LP

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