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Gypsy - Gypsy Colored Vinyl 2LP

Gypsy Gypsy Colored Vinyl 2LP


Sporting unconventional structures, a blending of styles and a freewheeling approach in general, Gypsy was granted the rare privilege of making their 1970 maiden voyage a double album. Stadium-sized vocals, a torrent of thundering riffs, booming organ drills, and pounding drums all merge to form the band's powerful opening statement. Pressed on colored vinyl!


Gypsy Gypsy Track Listing:




1. Gypsy Queen - Part One
2. Gypsy Queen - Part Two
3. Man of Reason
4. Dream If You Can
5. Late December
6. The Third Eye
7. Decisions
8. I Was So Young




1. Here In My Loneliness
2. More Time
3. The Vision
4. Dead and Gone
5. Tomorrow Is The Last To Be Heard

Gypsy - Gypsy Colored Vinyl 2LP

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