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Hikaru Utada - First Love 180g Vinyl 2LP

Hikaru Utada First Love 180g Vinyl 2LP


The first six albums from the catalog of Japan's top singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada will be released on vinyl in the U.S. in 2022 including First Love (1999), Distance (2001), Deep River (2002), Ultra Blue (2006), Heart Station (2008) and Fantôme (2016). It marks the first vinyl release for three of the albums (Ultra Blue, Heart Station, Fantôme).


Each of the six albums will be pressed as 180g double-LP sets, with the first five albums featuring a bonus track. First Love is home to the tracks "Automatic" and "First Love" and includes the bonus track, "First Love (John Luongo Remix)."


Hikaru Utada First Love Track Listing:




1. Automatic
2. Movin' on without you
3. In My Room
4. First Love
5. Amai Wana – Paint It, Black
6. time will tell
7. Never Let Go




1. B&C -Album Version-
2. Another Chance
3. Interlude
4. Give Me A Reason
5. Automatic -Johnny Vicious Remix-
6. First Love -John Luongo Remix- [bonus track]

Hikaru Utada - First Love 180g Vinyl 2LP

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