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JBL - L82 Classic Grilles (Pair)

JBL L82 Classic Grilles (Pair)


Change the Looks of Your JBL L82 Classic Bookshelf Loudspeakers in a Flash: Custom-Made Quadrex Colored Grilles Add Style, Personality, and Vibrancy


Custom-made by JBL for the company's powerful JBL L82 Classic bookshelf loudspeakers, colored Quadrex foam grilles allow you to instantaneously change the looks of your speakers by adding different pops of color to reflect your personality and style. Sold in pairs, the grilles attach and de-attach in seconds.


Express yourself in new ways and differentiate your decor with colored grilles today. Simply select the color you want from our drop-down menu above.


Choose Black, Blue or Orange

JBL - L82 Classic Grilles (Pair)

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