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Jeff Beck - Blow By Blow 180g Colored Vinyl LP

Jeff Beck Blow By Blow 180g Colored Vinyl LP


Following his departure from the Yardbirds in 1967, Jeff Beck started his solo career by exploring the heavier side of rock before switching gears in 1975 with the groundbreaking instrumental jazz-fusion albums, Blow By Blow and Wired. Produced by Sir George Martin of Beatles fame, the two albums shattered people's preconceptions of what a rock guitarist was supposed to sound like.


By fusing the complexity of progressive rock and improvisatory freedom of jazz with intergalactic guitar tones and a sense of humor, Beck opened up the horizon for future guitar instrumentalists like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. They remain two of the top-selling guitar instrumental albums of all time.


1975's Blow By Blow features nine imaginative tracks of instrumental genius as only Jeff Beck could provide. Originals like "You Know What I Mean," "Air Blower" and "Scatterbrain" have all become standards in the jazz/rock canon, while his beautiful cover of Stevie Wonder's "Cause We've Ended Now As Lovers" illustrates even further the depth, technique and originality of his guitar artistry.


Bolstered by the stellar musicianship of Max Middleton (keyboards), Phil Chenn (bass), and Richard Bailey (drums/percussion), plus the beautiful string arrangements of Martin, Beck and Co. truly delivered history here!


Jeff Beck Blow By Blow Track Listing:


1. You Know What I Mean
2. She's A Woman
3. Constipated Duck
4. AIR Blower
5. Scatterbrain
6. Cause We've Ended Now As Lovers
7. Thelonius
8. Freeway Jam
9. Diamond Dust

Jeff Beck - Blow By Blow 180g Colored Vinyl LP

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