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Joe Hisaishi - Porco Rosso: Image Album Vinyl LP

Joe Hisaishi Porco Rosso: Image Album Vinyl LP


Porco Rosso is one of the more obscure films by Hayao Miyazaki, based on a watercolor comic by the man himself and originally commissioned as an in-flight film for JAL Airlines.


One of the few Ghibli films tied to real-world history and geography, it is set in a fictionalized city in 1920's Italy and follows the story of a fictional WWI ace pilot cursed with the body of an anthropomorphized pig. The film became more serious in tone during the production process due to an outbreak of war in Yugoslavia and is explicitly anti-fascist. The songs for an Image Album are based on the image/atmosphere of the original comics.


They are created before the OST or film itself and offer a greater soundscape to the actual visuals from the films. This Image Album aims to recreate the feeling of the Mediterranean theatre and inspire the animators and production staff working on the film. Elements of this music reappear in the final score. Remastered and available on vinyl for the first time with new artwork and OBI strip.


Joe Hisaishi Porco Rosso: Image Album Track Listing:


1. The Blue Sky of the Adriatic Sea
2. The Age of Adventurous Pilots
3. Crimson Wings
4. The Savoia in the Clouds
5. Piccolo S.P.A.
6. Playing War
7. Flying Boat "Dabohaze"
8. Hotel Adriano's Window
9. Global Terror
10. The Theme of Marco and Gina

Joe Hisaishi - Porco Rosso: Image Album Vinyl LP

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