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Joe Jackson - Collected 180g Import Vinyl 2LP

Joe Jackson Collected 180g Import Vinyl 2LP


Ever-restless British singer/songwriter Joe Jackson is easily one of the most diverse artists of all-time. He's a jack of all trades, with each album breaking new musical ground. A real sound poet, constantly exploring new territories with his music, he's universally regarded as one of the most sophisticated and uncompromising artists in modern recording.


Music On Vinyl proudly presents a brand new series of Collected albums. The new releases will focus on memorable artists with almost a life span of original intriguing music, covering a timeless musical period. Joe Jackson Collected gathers a comprehensive series of sounds Joe has dipped his tow in throughout his trailblazing career, from old to new and everything in-between.


The 180g 2LP-set gathers 25 genre hopping classics including "Fools In Love," "Is She Really Going Out With Him?," "It's Different For Girls," "You Can't Get What You Want," "Hometown (live)," "He's A Shape In A Drape," and "Happy Ending" featuring Elaine Caswell among many more.


Joe Jackson Collected Track Listing:




1. Fools in Love
2. Is She Really Going Out with Him?
3. Look Sharp!
4. Got the Time
5. Sunday Papers
6. It's Different for Girls
7. I'm the Man
8. Mad at You
9. Beat Crazy
10. One to One
11. The Harder They Come
12. Jumpin' Jive
13. Another World
14. Steppin' Out




1. Real Men
2. A Slow Song
3. Breaking Us in Two
4. Be My Number Two
5. You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want)
6. Happy Ending (Feat. Elaine Caswell)
7. (He's a) Shape in a Drape
8. Nineteen Forever
9. Stranger Than Fiction
10. Home Town (Live)
11. Is She Really Going Out with Him? (A Capella Live)

Joe Jackson - Collected 180g Import Vinyl 2LP

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