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Joe Jackson - Fool Vinyl LP

Joe Jackson Fool Vinyl LP


Fool, once again showcases Joe Jackson's incredible musical diversity and unique artistic vision. If the album had a theme, it would be Comedy and Tragedy and the way they're intertwined in our lives.


It begins with the powerfully mysterious "Big Black Crowd," which foreshadows a collection that is impossible to describe in one word but undoubtedly musically and lyrically powerful and touchingly beautiful. The striking "Fabulously Absolute" shows a different side of the record with Jackson portraying an almost snarky attitude in his voice and the music showing a very melodic drive.


Despite what the title may suggest, none of Jackson's remarkable songwriting, although multi-faceted, does in any way sound foolish. It is rather a sense of masterful craftsmanship and intent that defines Fool. The listener will find jazz, classic and – of course – pop influences that fuse to make an artistically valuable as well as entertaining experience.


Joe Jackson Fool Track Listing:


1. Big Black Cloud
2. Fabulously Absolute
3. Dave
4. Strange Land
5. Friend Better
6. Fool
7. 32 Kisses
8. Alchemy

Joe Jackson - Fool Vinyl LP

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