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Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! 180g Vinyl LP

Joe Jackson Look Sharp! 180g Vinyl LP


Intervention Records is thrilled to announce 100% analog vinyl reissue of Joe Jackson's 1979 New Wave classic I'm the Man. These monumental release is among the latest LPs to comprise Intervention Records' ongoing (Re)Discover Series.


Look Sharp! includes the hits "Is She Really Going Out With Him?," "Sunday Papers" and "One More Time." Rolling Stone called Look Sharp! a "near-perfect, short, sharp New Wave pop album" and tagged it one of the Top 100 Debut Albums of All Time.


The album was mastered 100% analog by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio from the best source available- phenomenal sounding 1/2" safety copies of the original stereo master tapes. All of the top-end energy and snap of the original UK LP is preserved, while the bass foundation is fully restored to make this new Intervention reissue the definitive listening experience for the classic LP!

Hi-Fi+'s Dennis Davis hailed Look Sharp! as 9.5/10 for "the kind of sound quality that defines the best of the reissue market. Bring this one out for anyone who tries to pass off the mantra about the original always sounding better."


"If you like the original, you'll love the reissue, which offers sharper, cleaner transients, improved transparency and focus and greater dynamics. It preserves a pulsing energy the original softens and diminishes... As we've come to expect from Intervention, the Tip-on packaging is first rate as is Kevin Gray's mastering from analog tape, pressed on 180 gram vinyl at RTI." - Michael Fremer,, 8/11 Music, 8/11 Sound


Joe Jackson Look Sharp! Track Listing:


1. One More Time
2. Sunday Papers
3. Is She Really Going Out With Him?
4. Happy Loving Couples
5. Throw It Away
6. Baby Stick Around
7. Look Sharp!
8. Fools In Love
9. (Do the) Instant Mash
10. Pretty Girls
11. Got the Time

Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! 180g Vinyl LP

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