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Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison Vinyl LP

Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison Vinyl LP


The show itself is a classic! Johnny (an ex-con himself) and his top notch band, featuring Carl Perkins on guitar, have the 2,000 prisoners in the hall eating out of the palms of their hands as they storm through a set comprising of prison songs, Cash originals, and covers such as Lefty Frizzell's "Long Black Veil" to the obvious delight of the audience, the chilling lyrics to a lot of the songs offset by Cash's dark sense of humor.


You can just imagine how the prisoners must have felt as they heard songs about train journeys to far away places, and if that wasn't bad enough, the rise in temperature is tangible as June Carter joins her future husband for a rendition of "Jackson".


The only thing stopping the inmates from thinking that they had died and gone to heaven is the constant announcements on the prison tannoy system (talk about being brought back down to earth with a bump). This fabulous show ends fittingly with a song written by Glen Sherley, an inmate doing time at Folsom prison.


Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison Track Listing:


1. Folsom Prison Blues
2. Dark As The Dungeon
3. I Still Miss Someone
4. Cocaine Blues
5. 25 Minutes To Go
6. Orange Blossom Special
7. The Long Black Veil
8. Send A Picture Of Mother
9. The Wall
10. Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog
11. Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart
12. Jackson - with June Carter
13. Give My Love To Rose- with June Carter
14. I Got Stripes
15. Green, Green Grass Of Home
16. Greystone Chapel

Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison Vinyl LP

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