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Jon Bellion - The Definition Vinyl LP

Jon Bellion The Definition Vinyl LP


With a unique marrying of melody, innovative concepts and infectious beats, Jon Bellion's 2014 mixtape The Definition marked the next step forward in the remarkable evolution of the singer, songwriter and producer. On The Definition, Bellion's gift for melody meets spaced out percussion and lyrical complexity that touch on topics of love, money, personal struggle, and life changes.


It's the  perfection of his trademark sound, described as a blend of "the soft hum and melodies of musicians such as Bon Iver and Miike Snow, with the hip-hop infused production of Timbaland and Pharrell" (Huffington Post).


Largely written and recorded in his Long Island home studio, the self-produced album is a key step in Bellion's realization of his ambitions as an artist. "It's about the kid who hears this," he explains, "hopefully I can be a light to shine on [them] that says 'he does what he wants and he cares about the craft.' Every facet can be analyzed by the people that really listen to music. That's who I create for."


A self-described "product of the 90's," Bellion explains some of his influences: "I listened to every genre that sounded good to me, from Sum 41 to Jay-Z, to Band of Horses to J. Dilla, to Death Cab for Cutie, to Pharrell... but it was Kanye West who really changed everything for me."

As Bellion embarks on the third leg of The Human Condition Tour, the New York-based artist will release his trilogy of mixtapes that preceded his debut album on vinyl. Bellion, who produces and composes all his own music self-released these mixtapes (The Definition, Translations From Speakers and The Separation) starting as early as 2011.


Jon Bellion The Definition Track Listing:


1. Munny Right
2. Carry Your Throne
3. Pre-Occupied
4. Human
5. Run Wild
6. A Haunted House
7. Jungle
8. Simle and Sweet
9. An Immigrant
10. Ooh
11. Luxury

Jon Bellion - The Definition Vinyl LP

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